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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Princess Hairstyles Giveaway

This is our last giveaway before Thanksgiving so be sure to head over to Princess Hairstyles to enter.
Hairstyles for Girls

Kori is an amazing hair stylist who has so many creative ideas for hair and is just awesome!! If you don't follow her blog, you need to. She just does things to her little girl's hair that you wouldn't have ever thought to do!! I check it all the time for new ideas and styles to try on my little princess!!
The giveaway is for a $25 Gift Card to our store so go here to enter. The winner will be announced next Thursday, November 19th so head over over now to enter.

Also, if you can't wait and you want to order something now, enter Princess25%Off in the checkout and receive 25% off your entire order, like a fabulous holiday bow.
Good luck everyone!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Minnesota Mama's Must Haves

Want another chance to win a gift certificate to our store...well head on over to Minnesota Mama's Must Haves for another Every Little Detail Giveaway!!

This giveaway will run through November 19th so hurry on over and enter today!!! You can enter by clicking here!!

Don't forget that if you want to buy something now we have a special coupon code for everyone who visits her site. You can save 20%, just enter MNMama20% to save today!! Don't forget about our fun adjustable headbands and our new holiday bows!!

Good luck and hopefully one of you win!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Blue Cricket Design Giveaway!!

We have another giveaway going on...


Becca over at Blue Cricket Design is hosting a giveaway!! This is an amazing website with lots of cool stuff. She always has great craft ideas and is so incredibly awesome and unique!!

The giveaway is for $20 e-gift certificate for anything your heart desires!! So enter the giveaway here for your chances to win!!

Good luck to everyone!!!